Welcome to March!

THANKYOU So Much! To all of you that were able to attend our event on Sunday - for those of you that didn't, where were you?!
You missed an awesome event, which saw us having some light in the tunnel after the last 2years. 






The seminars in the main studio on the day were: - 
10.15am - Menopause - Simple Diet & Lifestyle Changes to Ease Symptoms by Sarah Clarke (Feed Your Body)
11.00am - Exercising through Cancer by Kat Gordon (Renaissance Fitness)
11.45am - How Hobbies can Benefit your Mental Wellbeing by Dom Fenton (Activity Connector)
12.30pm - Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop by Lottie Taylor (Yoga with Lottie)
With workshops from the Revive Team: - 
10.30am - Baby Massage Demonstration (with CJ)
11.15am - Foam Rolling for the Lower Limb (with Ali)

Everyone gave great feedback from the seminars and the beer from Chelmsford Brew Co and Purition - went down very well indeed!

We had so much fun, we are looking to hold another one in late September. If there is a particular topic you would like to hear about at our next event please let me know and I shall endeavour to find you an expert!
As a special promotion for March...







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Tendon Research...

I have been reading a few articles and listening to a fair amount of videos/podcasts about healing tendinopathies - for those of you that seems like a complex term - its just a name given to any long-term tendon issues!
I quite like this video from Jake Tuura that explains the healing times for various parts of the tendon pathology. Have a look and tell me what you think! More info next month...


Our thoughts are with those that are affected by the barbaric events ongoing in Ukraine and wishing a swift end to the attack.
That's all for now folks!

Stay safe and well and remember we are here if you need anything.

All the Best,