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During our cold water immersion therapy sessions you will be guided through a 30 minute session learning about cold water therapy and experience cold water immersion in our pool which is around 8-10c. 

We have a cold pool in our fitness suite where you can experience cold water immersion therapy in safety.  We highly recommend this course to beginners who want to get into cold water therapy or are interested in cold water swimming.  It is a clean fresh water pool, where you can learn in a safe way to acclimatise to the cold water, learn about breathing techniques, the benefits and risks of cold water immersion therapy.

For experienced cold water swimmers we use our pool to maintain regular acclimatisation throughout the year and midweek during the evenings when it may not be as practical to get to your regular swimming spot.


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Here at Revive Health we are lucky to have Charlie King.  Who is not only one of our amazing therapists, but is also a competitive open water swimmer and qualified swimming teacher. 

Charlie has competed in a number of 5km open water swims across the UK including elite age group Swim Serpentine where she placed 4th.  Charlie’s coldest competition was the Red Bulls Neptune Steps in Glasgow where the water was just 3-4c and the air temperature as it snowed was around 2-3c.

Charlie has studied Cold Water Immersion Therapy and is keen to pass on this knowledge to you.  We look forward to welcoming you to a session soon and enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with you to warm up after your cold experience.

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Cold water swimming and cold water immersion therapy have recently become an extremely popular. 

Also know as Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy it has been used for health benefits as far back on record as Ancient Egyptian times and of course the Romans continued the trend.




This is the question on many peoples lips as their “crazy” friends tell them about their winter adventures, getting up at the break of dawn to head to the beach, a river, a lake or even a wheelie bin in the garden, to take the plunge into cold icy water.

Cold water enthusiasts will tell you with pride how they got into water below 10c and stayed in so long it was a new PB (personal best).  Whilst even the thought of the taking off your coat outside might make you shiver, as you look at your cold water friend wondering if maybe they have spent a little too long exposed to the cold and they might in fact be loosing their mental capacities.

We want to answer the question as to why people are taking to this cold water therapy and tell you more about it.

Firstly, cryotherapy or cold therapy has been around for many years especially in sports, used by athletes as the best way to reduce muscle pain after participating in competition and heavy training.  Consider the regular images seen in the media of professional footballers and rugby players taking to ice baths after their matches.  There is solid evidence that cold water immersion after strenuous activity can reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery.

Secondly, research has shown an improvement in mental health of participants in cold water immersion.  Reducing anxiety responses, improving mood and feeling of wellbeing, even eliminating the need for medication in some patients.  Just read up on the research by Prof Mike Tipton and Dr Heather Massey. 




If you are keen to find out more detail you can view their latest 1 hour Webinar here





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